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 of Central Florida

Accolades for 
The Humor Mill Orlando

      Hysteria Repeats Itself - 2012 Orlando Fringe Festival Show!

Here's what people are saying about The Humor Mill Orlando presents Hysteria Repeats Itself!...

"Great show! Really Intelligent Humor..The Song Lyrics were the best witty."

"Intelligent, Fun Show"

And according to the Orlando Sentinel…

“…Who knew that breaking into a musical number would be the political solution for the economy and the upcoming election? That’s what returning Fringe Festival troupe The Humor Mill Orlando portrays in their humorous, comedic sketches throughout “Hysteria Repeats Itself!”…”
“…stand-out musical and acting performances…”
“…The Humor Mill Orlando is onto something…”

  The War on Terriers - 2011 Orlando Fringe Festival Show!

Check out Elizabeth Maupin's steller review of The War on Terriers!

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"The Humor Mill was truly the hit of our show. They were polished, professional, inventive, witty and a comedy home run! If you haven't seen The War on Terriers you are missing out! Truly hysterical! See them now before they become superstars."

 - Tampa Underground Comedy Fest

"Thanks again for the awesome performance at the Tampa Underground comedy fest...amazingly funny performance"
-Kenn Bradley, Florida Footage


          Spare Change - Our 2010 Orlando Fringe Festival Show!

"The Humor Mill's "Spare Change" is the funniest collection (of scenes) I have ever seen. I still find myself quoting the lines. They are very talented and the timing is incredible. I was comped in but we are putting a group together to go and see it again. Must see..."

"The Humor Mill definitely offers up some laughs in its sketch comedy performance “Spare Change” at this year’s Fringe Festival...""...when they brought the funny, they brought it in abundance."  "For a good comparison of what The Humor Mill has to offer think “Saturday Night Live” ..."- Kelly Fitzpatrick, Orlando Sentinel

"Spare Change" review: "I saw your Humor Mill Fringe show. Very hilarious! ... I work for Orlando Weekly and... I hope you see packed rooms during the Fest." -Mike Mundrick