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Performance Application

Thank you for your interest and support! 

(Submissions for the 2020 online festival are now closed. We will contact participants soon)
Important Dates and Information
  • The 2020 festival will be held online on Saturday, November 7th
  • The festival will start at approximately 5pm Eastern and end around 10pm Eastern.  Times may be adjusted based on accepted submissions
  • The last day to apply to the festival will be Friday, October 23rd
  • We will send out acceptance emails starting on Monday, October 26th
Application Fees

In order to encourage viewership this year, our festival will be free for patrons around the world to watch online without a fee.  (donations will be encouraged and assist in future live and online festivals). 
To encourage participation during this difficult time, we are drastically reducing our festival application fee for video submissions compared to past events.
***Application fee for a single (1) Video Submission Entry to the festival - $5
***Application fee for up to four (4) Video submission entries to the festival and GUARANTEE  at least one of your submissions is included in the festival - $20
(see below for limitations on guarantee)
Please keep in mind that this festival, the only of it's kind in Florida, is dedicated to the art of Sketch Comedy.  This festival is NOT an Improv Festival. There's plenty of those around the country, and they are great.  But at CFL Sketch, we strive to bring the finest in written comedic sketch material to the Central Florida area, and request that those groups and individuals that perform both sketch and improvisation feature only their sketch comedy material in their submissions to this online festival. 
So...what's the submission process?
Step 1: Fill out the formal application for consideration to the festival below...
Step 2: Pay the appropriate application fee
Step 3: You will be contacted with a unique and private link to upload your submission(s). Complete the submission(s), and we'll take it from there!
(Please be advised, not all entries will be confirmed in this online festival. We will do our best to be as inclusive as possible. All submissions will be reviewed by a panel of current and former cast members of The Humor Mill Orlando, and all decisions will be final.  There will be no refunds of application fees if your submission is not accepted.  The festival will automatically reject any submission or series of submissions that are determined to be illegal, unethical, or perceived as an attack on any race, creed, color, or sexual orientation. Any paid application fees will not be refunded if your submission is rejected due to these rules and guarantees of participation in the festival as listed above will also be considered null and void.
We are inclusive group and racism, or sexism will not be tolerated under any circumstance.  We proudly support BLM, LGBTQ+, and any group that supports harmony and understanding.   

Step 1: Fill out the Application Below...

Step 2: Click the link below to pay your submission fee...

Your application will not be confirmed until your fee is received and your video submission is complete. 

(If you are from outside the United States, we will reach out to you directly to set up payment of the fee)

Once Step 1 and 2 are completed, you will receive an email from the festival with a link to drop your video submissions and more info about making the most of your submission

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